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Accelera Lawcall

The product includes the following:

  • 24 Hour Telephonic Legal Advice
  • Assistance with legal documentation*
  • General legal administrative services
  • First consultation with an attorney situated closest to you
  • Free Legal representation in any Court of Law (including Military Court)*
  • Legal information communication
  • There are NO excess payments!
  • After every claim free year, the next month is for free!
  • Quarterly updates on changes in the legal system!
  • Assistance in your own area!
  • One dedicated adviser!
  • You deal with people that KNOW the industry and Laws, such as the Military Disciplinary Code and Court procedures.
*(Please note: Terms and conditions apply)

Contact Us

Tel: (Share Call): 0861 10 13 18 | wORK: 021 554 1846
Cell: 076 571 1834 | Fax: 0862 747 603
P.O. Box 859, West Coast Village, 7433