Remember, Death waits for no one...
It always happens unexpectedly...

About Us

The Accelera group of companies has been in existence for 22 years. Accelera Legal and Financial Services (Pty) Ltd has also been under the same ownership and management since its inception. Our main business is to educate members about Last Wills and Testaments and the devastation left behind should someone pass away without Last wills and testaments. By doing this, we aim to empower members to make informed decisions and not decisions based on hearsay or popular opinion of misinformed individuals. We then assist with the drafting of a contingency based PERSONAL WILL. We do not believe in appointing ourselves as either Executor or Trustee. (Please see Last will and Training page for a more detailed explanation).

Our primary market is the members of the Armed Forces. We work closely with the HR departments of each respective Employer. Our reputation is, without exception, that we deliver excellent service as well as after service and pro bono assistance to the HR departments regarding the process to follow after a member's death. We also assist the families in this difficult time to ensure that the member leave a positive legacy.

We focus on quarterly visits to the employers to ensure that the members are up to date with all the recent developments in the Law pertaining to Estates but also to inform members about changes in HR processes. Because of a lack of time, and sometimes the necessary training of members in the HR section, we also discuss the importance of the WP1002 pension's beneficiary form (GEPF) and other necessary HR documentation.

Because of our approach, we are contacted daily by the employers for follow up appointments. The training is only done by Adv. Louise Rheeder and Mr Henk Steyn. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that it stays a training approach and not only a marketing approach. The after service is however done by our capable personnel members.

We are very excited about or newest assistance product which is currently in construction phase. For more information click here.

Why an Acellera will?

Accelera Wills
Wills from financial Institutions
  1. A once off fee is charged (payable in installments).
  2. Storage fees are included.
  3. All future changes / updates are included.
  4. Yearly reminder to update your will as well as communication with the same person.
  5. First-hand knowledge of HR systems of your employer.
  6. 24 Hour availability / Quick turnaround time for changed wills.
  7. Inventory form and assistance included.
  8. Regular visits to your workplace (Units).
  9. Two original copies.
  10. Assistance to ensure that the will is correctly signed as prescribed by the Law, thus ensuring a valid document.
  1. Once off fee of up to R3600 (Payable immediately).
  2. Yearly storage fee applies.
  3. A changing fee applies every time you want to update your will.
  4. Most of the time, service is call center based and you will speak to a different person every time.
  5. No knowledge or communication with your employer.
Savings & benefits to your family
Accelera Wills & assistance
Other institutions
  1. You appoint your own executor. NO EXECUTOR FEES.
  2. You appoint your own Trustees. NO TRUST ADMINISTRATION FEES.
  1. You MUST appoint the institution as executor: Executor fees. 3.5% (excl VAT) of your Estate, 6% of Capital & Administration costs.
  2. The Institution MUST be appointed as Trustee. There will be fees applicable for the administration of the Trust.

Click on the following links to download our Last Will and Testament Application Forms and our information brochure:

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Last Will & Testament

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