Remember, Death waits for no one...
It always happens unexpectedly...

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Accelera is a private legal company, in existence for the last 22 years, specializing in Legal Assistance and educating people about Last Wills and Testaments. Our slogan "Empowerment Through Knowledge" is exactly what we are trying to achieve: Empowering people with knowledge so that they can make informed decisions (i.e. pitfalls of appointing an institution as your Executor).

Our main focus is helping the members to understand the importance of a Last Will and Testament and the consequences of passing away without the necessary documentation in place. Passing away without a Last Will and Testament creates tremendous difficulties for the family left behind.

Useful Terms Made Easy

The person(s) who will inherit your Assets / Money
The person(s) or institution that ensures that your wishes are carried out according to your will. This may be any person older than 18 years. Preferably someone who will inherit more than 50% of your estate.
The person(s) or institution that ensures the correct distribution and safe keeping of the assets of your minor beneficiaries until they reach a certain age, as stipulated by you.
The person(s) who will be taking care of your children, thus essentially becoming the new 'parents'.

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that allows you to relay your last wishes to your loved ones. It will also insure that the people you care about not suffer unnecessarily and be taken care of according to your wishes, in this difficult time.

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Our Executors Assistance Benefit Plan is here!!

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Our Executors Assistance clients qualify for a 24Hr legal assistance help line with additional legal assistance benefits.

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